The Kindred

This is a list of other, befriended authors, cooperating authors and other kindred spirits. The requirement to be in the Cooperating authors section is to have at least one finished series with me, on YT.


we kinda share the same channel, he is playing with me in some of my coop videos.

Nationality: Czech

John B. Templayer

John Bromin

My friend and another author of walkthroughs, he tried to teach me the English pronunciation.

Nationality: English


Author of music and art - also my friend.

Nationality: Czech


Another friend, and another author of walkthroughs, but mostly in german.

Nationality: German

Cooperating authors -

Other authors and friends:

If I forgot anyone, respond to me using my email.

The Tower of Akkon


A guy doing trailers, game videos, etc. We are helping each other out. His YT account got deleted, and he is using a new one.

GothicMods ( Pirahna Greg )

Goldminer Minecraft admin and my friend, who helped me with uploading stuff (instead of me using my 15 kB/sec upload speed).

Nationality:  Slowakian

Nationality: Czech

Millenium Frisbee

My friend and another author of walkthroughs, worse than me, but he has a lot of potential.

Nationality: English

A crazy person, sentenced several times by court for trying to steal my NES console. When they saw him last, he kept saying “Atari”.

Nationality: Czech