By clicking in the category name, a tab containing all the coresponding videoprojects will open. My video projects, mainly on the youtube page, defined into several categories :

Walkthroughs - Going from the beginning of the game into the end and trying to accomplish 100% of everything including secrets.

Playthroughs - Going from the beginning of the game into the end without doing everything possible, getting secrets etc.

Gameplay videos - Recorded gameplay which is NOT from the beginning to the end, like playing a single map from a strategy game ...

Let's Play (LP) videos - Voice commentated versions of any type above this one. I don't have many of that, as of yet.

Videos used for translations - Used various footage with added subtitles or annotations containing the translation. They do not cover much of the gameplay aspect.

Tribute and AMV  - Videos of edited videogame/movie/TV show footage with added sounds/music, which is also edited.

Trailer videos - Videos containing trailer, either by a company, or my own trailer for some of my series.

Soundtrack videos - Videos containing soundtracks and OSTs, from me they are usually rare, unreleased or unofficial.

Remix videos - My remixes, they aren't exactly good edits, I am way better at video editing.

Info videos - Used for informing purposes.

Other videos - Videos, which do not fall into the categories above.

Video Projects

John B. Templayer


The Tower of Akkon